Nature Calls To Us

Thank you for visiting Twin Hearts Farm Bed & Breakfast, located in the historic and beautiful town of Sebago, Maine.

We’re often asked when the best time to visit Maine is.  Our honest answer is “Anytime you want get away!”  The glorious summer makes way for the astounding colors of autumn which leads to the peaceful and athletic winter season, and completes the circle with the renewal of spring and extraordinary blossoming of new life!

Pick your favorite time to visit us, or pick a new time you’ve never spent in Maine to rediscover all that it has to offer.  We’re here to make your time in Maine a most enjoyable experience!


Please reach out to Joanne at 207-671-2982 with any questions or to make reservations.

One thought on “Nature Calls To Us”

  1. Suite Toscana, tucked away on the 3rd floor, was superb! Spacious, varied roof lines, charming….and the bed was one of the best we’ve slept in while traveling! Must be something about being in the country, eating delicious, lovingly-made, local + farm fresh food, crisp fall air and colors in Maine, and the kindest hospitality from Jo and Steve. What a wonderful visit to the farm we had!


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